Brain Scan

Display, Analyze, Listen, Mind or Touch

meditation focus gong

Total times for meditation and attentive focus.
Individual adaptive learn algorithms percents.
Six-tone Solfeggio sound scale.
Gong ring and image for mindless equal state.
Mind link sensor is optional.

EEG volt histogram

Brain voltage distribution at 500 Hz 50 fps.
Auto scale 5-500 uV. 6 second range.
8 brain power spectrum frequency 0.5-50 Hz.
Six-tone Solfeggio sound scale sensor optional.

EEG voltage scope

Brain voltage scope 6 second period 500 Hz
Minimum and maximum volts 5-500 uV.

EEG FFT spectrum

Fast Fourier Transform auto scale 1-250 Hz.
Maximum peak power scale volt rms.

EEG power spectrum

Mind power -- sound spectrum Hz
delta 0.5-2.75 -- do 396
theta 3.5-6.75 -- re 417
low-alpha 7.5-9.25 -- mi 528
high-alpha 10-11.75 -- fa 639
sigma 13 - 16.75 -- sol 741
high-beta 18 - 29.75 -- la 852
gamma 31 -39.75
high oscillation 41-49.75

Mind Link headset

Small light weight over the ear BlueTooth clip on. USB rechargable.
Single point dry 3 electrode plated contact adjustable headband.
Mind Link head band on Amazon

Head set with with ear reference.
NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2: Brainwave Starter Kit

Supports NueroSky ThinkGear Mind Link, Wave and Set apps in use since 2009.

Android phone, tablets, car

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